Boost pipings: Gauges: Oil line:





  • oil hoses
  • oil hoses equipped with couplings 
  • oil line crossovers 


  Gaskets: Fuel system:

Engine management:


  • turbine flanges
  • oil line sealings





Fuel enrichment system:

Fuel enrichment system
  • fuel enrichment system to work side by side with the original fuel system of the engine. Max, boost pressure 1.5 bar
  • controls at least 2 injectors so that the enrichment point can be set up to begin and to stop at desired boost level
  • adjustable percentage of injector capacity which can be used from 0 to 100%
  • 4, 6 and 8 injector-versions also available.
  • finnish design and production
  • with this equipment you can get the the best performance out of your engine, even if the original fuel system didn't seem to be efficient enough.



HALTECH fuel injection- / ignitionsystems
  • Haltech fuel injection- / ignition sytems are reliable and easy to install
  • real time adjustments are easy to make with your own PC
  • very user-friendly and easy to use
  • very suitable for replacing civilian cars' original systems
  • Haltech systems include injection- and ignitionsystems and their combinations




Price /piece:  
Bosch 350 cc injector(4 holes.)
Siemens 530 cc injector 89€  
MSD 370 cc injector 100€  
MSD 395 cc injector 100€  
MSD 520 cc injector 159€  
MSD 748 cc injector 159€  
MSD 998 cc injector 159€  
  • MSD injectors have 6 holes
Bosch 1600 cc injector 200€  




Fuel pressure regulators

  • Malpassi

  • various models





Green Airfilters

High-Power Filters 

Universal Conical filters for turbochargers from 72€


Also filter models shown below available in various sizes and colors.

Technical info:

  •  sizes: 60 / 63 / 70 / 76 / 89 / 114mm
  •  available colours: RED, BLUE, YELLOW, CHROME.





Boost gauges

Silicone oil filled gauge, range -1.0 - 6.0 bar. Connector at the back, Ø 63 mm, stainless housing, winter-proof .32.8€

assembly kit (connectors, aseembly collar) 8.5€


Oil pressure gauges:

silicone oil filled gauge, range -1.0 -6.0 bar. Connector at the back,  Ø 63mm, stainless housing, winter-proof.

Price 32.80€

assembly kit (connectors, aseembly collar) 8.50€




  • aluminium
  • hose-attachment

price: 129€

Bypass- valve

  • aluminium
  • hose-attachment

price: 119€






Bosch bypass-valve:

Decreases lag during gearshifts. Decreases loads from the sealings of the turbine shaft and the boost pipings. Good accessory when high boost levels are used. Assembly to the boost piping with hose, outlet can be routed to intake side of the compressor. Contolled with 6mm hose from the intake manifold.

Price: 66 €





Billet aluminium bypass-valve:

  • Adjustable sensitivity

Price: 143 €




Boost pressure pipings:

 Flexible and durable rubber hoses to attach the boost pipings. Imperial measures.

From 30 €

SFS-Performance boost pressure curves and pipes

Hose clamps

-Ø 60 - 90 mm. available single side models for the narrow spaces

From 5 €


Original spare parts and repair kits:

Original repair kits for all types of turbochargers. Holset, Scwitzer, Mitsubishi, IHI, Toyota, Garrett.

From 126 €




Gaskets and seals:

 Oil seals from 3.30 € each

different sizes of exhaust manifold gaskets, also bigger ones for e.g. trucks

from 9.90 €



Original or different boost adjustment

from 135 €

SPAL cooler fans
  • ø 280mm, cooler fan 130 €
  • ø 350mm, cooler fan 135 €