Intake manifolds

Original fuel system rarely is sufficient enough after the turbo installation.
 Double carburetors are good choise for the more expensive engine management systems when extra power is wanted.
 Proturbo manu­factures manifolds for incommon engines. From
136 €


Adaptors for the original exhaust manifold

Turbocharger can be attached to the original exhaust manifold of the engine.
Requires also a modification to the exahaust pipe. Also adaptors for the external wastegate can be installed.
Kit includes all required flanges. From 118

For example, price for a bmw extension is 220€



Hiqh quality, well flowing turbo exhaust manifolds for various cars. All exhaust manifolds are TIG -welded and the flanges are lasercut.
Exhaust manifolds for most common cars we have in stock.
Exhaust manifolds can also be manufactured custom-made, by customers own measurements.

Available in normal and stainless steel.

Tax free prices of earlier manufactured manifolds:
Normal Stainless
BMW 4-cylinder 450€ 500€
BMW 6-cylinder 600€ 700€
Volvo 8V 450€ 500€
Volvo 16V 500€ 550€
Ford OHC 450€ 500€
Ford DOHC 450€ 550€
Honda 1,6 SOHC 450€ 500€

Wastegate flanges 34 €


Click here to see our previously made exhaust manifolds



HKS wastegate
  • 50 mm valve
  • body ribbed for more effective cooling
  • film is made of silicone with fabric reinforcements
price 300 €


Wastegate 35mm
  • 35 mm valve
  • fabric reinforced silicone film
price 290 €




 Higher boost levels with integral wastegates

From 135 €


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