Proturbo repairs your broken cherger. Send us the charger or just drive the whole car to us! Modifications and chargers for all purposes from motorcycles to trucks. OEM charger modifications to wider boost range. All repairs have one year guarantee. (tailor-made chargers’ quarantee matters need to be discussed)

kuumaa... raks poks
Lack of boost? Most common reason: cracked turbine housing.



  • renegral repair from 202 eur
  • free: 36 eur / h
  • modifications:
  • compressor housing modification for bigger impeller whell 68 eur
    (when assosiated with the repair job )
  • exhaust manifold for turbo-use from 236 eur
  • adapters for the original cast manifolds from 118 eur

Modification prices do fluctuate due to the fact that there are differences between chargers. ask the price for the desired modification! 

Prices incl V.A.T. 22% price list valid until further notice.

Housing modifications
Example of the modified charger

Uudet ja Vanhat tarvikkeet pakopuolen lähtö keskiosan kiinnitys pakopesään
Holset housing and the new chassis part. (old ones at the back)
orggis ja muuteltu kompressorikotelo

Ford Escort Mk IV orig. T3 Garrett Mods.

  • Compressor housing replaced with modified Holset H1

  • Impeller wheel Ø 48mm (TO4)

  • Turbine outlet Ø 60mm

  • With our unique machining method the clearances can be machined to meet the standards of the turbo manufacturers. Concerns both compressor and turbine mods.

  • New chassis part

  • new impeller wheel

  • modified compressor housing

  • smaller, original impeller wheel.            

Holset modifications